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Here I try to keep a comprehensive list of all my works currently available. If you have have corrections or questions about any story and its availability (including stories not listed here that you think, recall, or suspect are by me), drop me an email, it’ll be appreciated!

If the story title is linked, the piece is available to read online. Otherwise, the link leads to the book, anthology, or magazine subscription page.

Aqua Vitae

Jenes Inarya wants to live to experience everything, and it just might be possible. Her quest for immortality leads her through myth and legend to the farthest reaches of the galaxy (well, so the Jericho magazine article said, although it’s prone to exaggeration). And it’s only the beginning. The rest of a very long life is about to start–but Jenes doesn’t yet know how to live it.

“Aqua Vitae is only 70-pages long, but manages to pack a lot…part science-fiction drama, part cautionary fable…by the end, Aqua Vitae offers an interesting discussion on mortality and what it means to live, through the lens of a character who wants more from her life…Overall, this was a quick and thought-provoking read, set against an universe made interesting by its reaches into various mythologies, and I would recommend it to anyone with a little free time on their hands and an appetite for the speculative.” -James N. (Amazon reviewer, 4 stars)

“Bottom line: an engaging and challenging read, with some food for thought if you have the patience to ferret it out. “-Joan Leib, The Future Fire Reviews

Short Stories: A Dark and Wonderful History

Dark fantasy stories based in the same secondary world, centered around women.

Short Stories: Across the Curse-Strewn World

Stories featuring Aniver, a wizard of the city Nurathaipolis-that-was, now lost to rogue time, and Semira, the sailor who joins his quest to save it.

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Short Stories: Heart’s Kindred

The adventures of Rathin and Anweth, a wandering couple equipped with sword and sorcery.

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