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Heroic Fantasy Author Q&A, Bonus

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Flame Tree Publishing has posted the second part of its Q&A with the authors of the stories in Heroic Fantasy. This time, we talk about our writing and editing methods and recommend some of our favorite reads in the genre. Take a look and something might inspire you!


Though each author answered both questions, method and favorite stories, only one of our answers could be shared because of space constraints. So here’s my favorite heroic fantasy:

When I was writing my first short stories, I had also just discovered Dungeons and Dragons. It’s still great when my friends and I can get together to play. Reading-wise, just about anything will get my attention (my blog isn’t called “Story Addict” for nothing!), but my favorite heroic fantasy stories have a sense of bigger cosmic creepiness in the background—and eldritch beauty, too—as well as interesting characters. I love creative worldbuilding and I especially enjoy the Sword and Sorceress anthology series.


You can check out the blog post to hear about my creative method, as well as more writing insights and story suggestions from the other authors in the anthology. Except Geoffrey Chaucer. He’s been strangely silent on the blog for such a big name.

Heroic Fantasy is available through the Flame Tree Press store and for pre-order on Amazon.



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