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“The Queen’s Arrival” in Liquid Imagination, and a Christmas Gift Idea

Posted by on Dec 7, 2013 in Blog Posts, Uncategorized, Writing | 0 comments

My mythic fantasy piece “The Queen’s Arrival” has been reprinted in Liquid Imagination Issue #19.

It’s actually been up nearly a week, and I apologize for posting the link so late–though as you can see, things have been busy. I’ve only just got around to making my Christmas card & gift list and am starting to scrape together time, ideas, and money to fulfill it.

Speaking of which:

If you’re lost on gift ideas for a writer in your life–surely they don’t need another journal (that just means they have to start another story to put in it!)–consider getting them a manuscript edit, to be redeemed any time after Christmas!

Email me and we can arrange for a wordcount-based edit ($5/1000 words, or around $25 for a short story or up to $300-$400 for a novel), to be done on a piece of the recipient’s choice. If you like I can even design a gift card for you to print out or email them.

I will be at my gentlest, yet nonetheless thorough, helping the writer develop their craft and their manuscript to the next level. It’s a gift that will keep on giving!

The Starter Guide for Professional Writers should be released soon, but may not make it to wide distribution in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for books either as gifts or as ebooks to download onto your new E-Reader (guess what yours truly is getting!), I’d be eternally grateful if you checked out Aqua Vitae and other publications.

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