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September Publications: Scigentasy and Voluted Tales

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Happy Labor Day to those of you celebrating it! I’m at this moment not quite employed enough to, but I do have some exciting writing announcements.

First, Silver Chests and Plain Sight has been reprinted at Voluted Tales. Half-detective story, it may have been influenced by Peter Tremayne’s delightful medieval monastic mysteries–although my cleric happens to be female. 
I also have an original story publication: A Marriage, Pure and Good is at the new Intersectional Feminist webzine Scigentasy. I’ve been excited about Scigentasy ever since it opened its…doors? webpages?…anyway, point stands, I am thrilled beyond belief to actually be featured in it! A Marriage also sits pretty close to my heart, being one of the first stories I wrote featuring LGBTQA themes. Particularly G and A–the protagonist is an aromantic asexual woman. There really aren’t enough aro ace characters out there, so I’m excited to add to their numbers, and grateful that Scigentasy is giving me the opportunity. 
I’ve been featured in a lot of feminist speculative fiction publications, both recently and in the past–Scigentasy, Daughters of Icarus, The Future Fire, Warrior Wisewoman and Sword and Sorceress, and I have two reprint stories forthcoming from the new anthology series Andromeda’s Offspring. Each time I approach the themes of gender, sex, choice, pacifism (nonviolence is not always tied to feminism but it is intimately tied to my own stance), identity, and relationships from a different angle. I don’t always agree with myself, either! Much less with every character–although allowing them freedom of choice and identity is what lets me write fiction in the first place. I have no all-encompassing summary statement, much less a great insightful truth, to close these musings with, so instead I’ll just say–I hope you enjoy reading these stories and thinking about these questions as much as I enjoyed thinking about these questions and writing these stories! 

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