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Posted by on May 31, 2013 in Blog Posts, Uncategorized, Writing | 0 comments

It’s very nice to have a room of one’s own, even if that room is really just 185 square feet serving as bedroom, office, and kitchen all at once. I’m not sure how productive I’ve been, but I feel productive because I’m sitting down at the computer at least once an hour to type, revise, or research something. In between I’m reading (but sparingly–I don’t meet the residency requirement for a library card and I don’t have much cash for buying new books, so the ones I’ve got have to last!) and just today, performing a grocery run and culinary experiments. After wo-manhandling a minifridge into my room. I’m glad they delivered it the door, but I’d have been happy to let strangers into my room just to get it three feet farther…

Part of what I’ve been working on is The Starter Guide for Professional Writers, which I hope to have out before the end of June. The IndieGoGo campaign for pre-orders and publication expenses has two weeks left to run, and to as a last prompt I’m offering a complete line-by-line manuscript critique as a perk. A few people have expressed interest, so you might want to check that out before it’s gone.

Going by people’s choices of perks, I may expand to offering opening chapter reviews as a service beyond this campaign, since it’s a swifter and more affordable way to determine your novel’s all-important first impression. If I make line-by-line critiques of novels (above and beyond developmental edits) a regular thing, though, I’m afraid I’ll have to increase the fee for it, because intensive line by lines take a lot of time and effort. So the IndieGoGo perk may be your only chance, or at the very least the most inexpensive.

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