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Home to Wisconsin and Back to DC

Posted by on May 23, 2013 in Blog Posts, Uncategorized, Work and Career | 0 comments

I write this from my new laptop, a generous graduation present from my family. Yes, I’ve graduated, and will spen the rest of my life confusing people by telling them I have a (single, not triple) Batchelorate of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Or at least until I get a Master’s.

But that’s far off in the future yet. Now begins the job search. I’ll be conducting it in DC, where I’m also working some internships over the summer. I look forward to returning to the city–it’s the right mix of exciting but not overwhelmingly large, like Chicago or New York. It is a bit expensive, though, so I’ll continue working as a freelance manuscript editor (speaking of which, fees may be adjusted in the coming weeks to incorporate the possibility of a full line-by-line revision) and keep writing. Things are going to be busy! I have a number of blog posts lined up or drafted to ensure I keep up here. They include my adventures in Ghana, which I’m processing through a mixture of culture shock at my first-ever experience abroad and a haze of lasting excitement at my first-ever experience abroad.

This weekend, my last weekend in my home state, I’ll be attending WisCon with my sister. If you’ll be there too and you spot us (hint: picture to the upper right of this page is a suspiciously good likeness of both me and my twin), do say hi!

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