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Hanging Up My Shingle

Posted by on Apr 28, 2013 in Blog Posts, Uncategorized, Work and Career, Writing | 0 comments

The semester is almost over, I’m graduating, and I’ve decided to give myself a few more months in D.C. searching for a job in the field. It’s a decision I’m very excited about, but in the meantime it means I’ll be living on my own without a regular paycheck in a not-inexpensive urban environment. To stretch my savings, I’m offering my services as a manuscript doctor, offering developmental critique of novels and short stories.

I’ve done critiques for my friends (not to mention myself) for years, and two or three have credited me with helping them land their first publication credits. I’ve also received a glowing recommendation from author Zahara Heckscher for the help I gave her as an intern working on her first novel.

I’m focusing mostly on developmental edits, looking at plot and character arcs, with holistic advice for language rather than line-by-line critique (except for short stories and the first chapters of longer ones). My price point is fairly low for the service, reflecting the fact that I am still building experience. I’d consider my work especially valuable for anyone about to begin second-draft revisions for a story, whether your goal is to self-publish or submit to editors or agents. I  can also offer advice based on my perspective of the publishing process, especially helpful for new professionals.

You can find complete information through the link to the right of this page. Don’t hesitate to reach me through email or a comment on this post if you have any questions.

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