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Daughters of Icarus released!

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One of the exciting things I was away from (doing even more exciting things, so I can’t be too sorry) was the release of Pink Narcissus Press’s feminist science fiction anthology, Daughters of Icarus. This collection of stories exploring future possibilities of sex and gender includes my piece, “Two Rivers”.

As ForeWord Reviews has it:

In “Two Rivers,” by Therese Arkenberg, researchers travel to a planet to study people whose unusual characteristics include a third gender and a complicated hierarchy. The narrator struggles with how the researchers’ interactions with the individuals they are studying, starting with their first diplomatic outreach, play a role in a growing and serious conflict between the planet’s civilizations. That thoughtful conflict and Arkenberg’s rendering of a strange-but-familiar world make this story stand out.

Daughters of Icarus is available in ebook and paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the Pink Narcissus Press catalog.

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