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Short Fiction: Unsettling Stories That are Almost in This World

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“Hans and Gretta,” originally published in Everyday Weirdness, reprinted in Bete Noire Issue #8 “The Family,” a charity story published on this very blog. “A Wizard of the Roads” in Daily Science Fiction “Sibial’ In Exile” in Neo-Opsis Magazine Issue #24  “Ms Brellin,” originally in Semaphore Magazine, reprinted in the debut issue of Grim Corps Find it at: Amazon   iTunes “The Sorcerer Next Door” in Semaphore...

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Short Stories: Myth & Humor

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“What’s a Demon For” won Second Prize, Youth division in OddCon’s 2008 OddContest for flash fiction. “Dragon Snot and Chosen Ones” at Untied Shoelaces of the Mind (and in its first anthology) Find it at: Amazon   Barnes & Noble “Few Are Called” at Every Day Fiction “Firebringer” at Every Day Fiction “The Queen’s Arrival,” originally in The Lorelei Signal and Mystic Signals #1, reprinted at Liquid...

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