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Closed to new book-length projects until October

Posted by on Sep 3, 2021 in Blog Posts, Work and Career, Writing Advice | 0 comments

I’m able to offer sample edits and estimates for new projects, but I cannot deliver any additional projects until further notice.

That is, if you’ve already contacted me about a project, you’re on my list. But if I hadn’t heard of your need for editing before today, I cannot start the work until I’ve completed some of my current to-do list.

My to-do list as of today includes 12 projects, 6 of which I want to complete in September, 4 of which are “high priority”.

The list includes client projects as well as two personal ones–I’m finally (all fingers and toes crossed) ready to prepare and release an updated second edition of the Starter Guide for Professional Writers. In fact I’m looking at releasing 4 separate guides: to writing & editing, to finding publishers, to self-publishing, and to marketing/promoting your writing. My other personal project involves editing and submitting some stories by my late partner, John.

Some others are ongoing small work. On which note, if you need me to look at something under 500 words, I can probably get that in. Longer projects, however, will likely need to wait until October.

In the meantime, you may want to try a self-edit addressing words to watch out for and common areas of improvement. Renni Brown and Dave King’s Self-Editing for Fiction Writers is also a brilliant resource.

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