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A schedule for the next few months, pandemic nonwithstanding

Posted by on Mar 12, 2020 in Blog Posts, Work and Career | 0 comments

One upside of working from home is that even a global pandemic doesn’t interrupt your schedule much…that said, I hope everyone is washing their hands properly! If you aren’t immunocompromised, consider leaving masks and alcohol wipes for those who most need them.

For clients interested in booking me over the next few months:

I’m closed to new projects through March 20, and then will briefly open.

Because of a major project scheduled ahead of time, I will not be editing book-length manuscripts in May 2020–but will be open to short stories, articles, website content, query letters, brochures, white papers, novellas, and other such work (up to about 20,000 words). My schedule for June 2020 is a bit uncertain, as I may continue with that plan. If you want a novel edited before July 15, 2020, please send an email to discuss scheduling.

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