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More on the Starter Guide

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Namely, you have the chance to win some free copies!
2 print copies are available through a Goodreads giveaway that closes on April 7th.
Ebook copies are also available at LibraryThing in a giveaway that closes to entries this Friday, March 28th.

Also, I’ve put together a list of all the posts on this blog that wound up–substantially revised, but with some similarities in structure and content–in the Starter Guide. If you found any of these posts useful or interesting, you’ll probably like the book, too.

Print on Demand Formatting for Better Royalties–On how the blank space on your page physically hurts me to contemplate.

Anatomy of Successful Crowdfunding–In which I pour out a lot of thoughts on options, strategy, and success by dissecting the crowdfunding campaign for the Starter Guide on Kickstarter, as well as examining other campaigns on other platforms.

Making Promotional Bookmarks Using Vistaprint–One of the most popular posts on this blog, and pretty useful if I say so myself. I’ve actually uploaded more pictures to the blog post after using them to illustrate this section in the book (2 and a half of the 50 pages I have on promotion).

Promotion: Now is the Time to Keep The Faith–Turned into the prologue of my 50-page chapter on promotion. Sort of gets one in the mood. The mood being fervent prayer and desperation, right?

Madwoman, Architect, Carpenter, Judge–The personalities of writing and revision, and the story of the story I wrote…almost a year ago, now…on safari.

On 2500 Word Scenes–You can write them. It’s all mathematics from there.  Actually, I’m trying to round up more resources and more thoughts on the “Butt In Chair”/Power Through It writing method, so watch this space. The Starter Guide also includes several more methods of beating writer’s block, a bit more analytical and less easy to represent in numbers.

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