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It’s Fair Trade Friday on this blog, too!

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As a child, I was never especially distracted by the weather. Nice days were nice, but I could wait patiently until I got out of class to run around and soak up the sun.

Not so much anymore. It helps that I’ve learned walking provides necessary fresh air, exercise, and rest for the wordsmith portion of my brain; it also helps that we’ve just made it through 3 months of snow coming in amounts and at times cruel and absurd enough to awaken anyone’s cynicism (I never got angry at weather before this winter). But last week I was outside every day. I discovered the Capital Crescent trail and walked as much of it as I could reach from public transport. I’ve got blisters now, and I don’t regret a thing.

I’ve also juggling a number of fun projects, when I could focus on them and wasn’t distracted by the shiny sunlight.

So in case you’ve been noting this blog’s lack of updates and fearing I was dead: no, rather the opposite. Too alive to slow down and blog, or find something to blog about!

However, when all else fails, I always have my weekly Fair Trade Friday posts from the Amani DC blog to share.

Today I have a particularly nerdy delight to share: Harry Potter fans organizing for social justice! Although I was never quite as into the series as some of my friends, I’m super excited to see this example of the power of narrative to affect real-world change (and also excited at how Potterheads combine with other fandoms, such as The Hunger Games, for other relevant campaigns). 
HPA Chocolate Frogs

A few weeks ago at the Amani blog, I did a feature piece on Celia Grace bridal, running some research on their company and sharing links to their site with my write-up.
And now the Celia Grace blog has linked to my post (“They did an amazing job of capturing the spirit, history, and mission of Celia Grace.”) and shared some information on OUR boutique.
It’s like these two Fair Trade fashion companies flirting at each other via bloggers. It makes me blush and giggle like a schoolgirl.

I don’t always find blogging easy, but I am glad I do it. 

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