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Where You Can Get the Starter Guide for Professional Writers

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I’m happy to announce that The Starter Guide for Professional Writers is now available at most online retailers!

The Starter Guide for Professional Writers contains everything to know so that you can begin earning money for your writing. Ten chapters address every stage of writing, revising, releasing, and promoting your first (or second, or third) published story, including what you need to: 

  • Defeat writer’s block and finish your story
  • Revise to make the strongest manuscript possible 
  • Find markets for your writing and keep track of your submissions 
  • Concisely and engagingly describe your story to agents, editors, and readers 
  • Query agents, submit to a small press, or self-publish 
  • Avoid scammers disguised as agents and publishers 
  • Advertise your work with everything from an author’s website (and learn who actually reads your blog!) to promotional bookmarks with the help of a full marketing plan 

The Starter Guide offers an on-the-ground view of publishing and focuses on using inexpensive resources (after all, writers should make money off their writing, not pay for it!). Covering everything from how best to use a thesaurus to how to handle editor deadlines, its holistic perspective builds skills writers will use at every stage of their careers.

Throughout, I try to explain how things look from a complete beginner’s perspective, maintaining a conversational, and in places even humorous, style. I hope this holds your attention and keeps you from feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff there is to know about publishing. Even I was surprised by how much I had to share once I started writing!

The paperback, printed through CreateSpace, and the Kindle version are available through Amazon and its international sites: (Print) 

For those of you resisting Amazon’s creeping tyranny over the world–or who simply, like me, own a Nook–the Starter Guide is also at Barnes and Noble.

And in the iTunes bookstore!

You can download the ebook in virtually all formats directly from Smashwords, too.

Because Createspace gives a more generous royalty rate for direct purchases, I figured I’d pass some of that generosity on to you. If you pick up a copy of the Guide through the Createspace store, use the discount code A4ZBCGSH for $2.00 off the cover price.

I’m also offering ebook downloads of the Starter Guide as part of a gig on–a great place to look if you’re also interested in picking up my editorial services on the cheap!

The Guide is also on Goodreads and LibraryThing.

Smashwords will continue to distribute copies of the Guide to other retailers, and I intend to update this post as new links go live. If you’ve seen a link in the wild, or noticed one of the ones I’ve posted here isn’t working anymore, please shoot me an email or let me know in the comments. Thanks so much!


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