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What’s GetYeDone been doing lately? Glad you asked!

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You might be a writer if your to do-list goes:-talk to X about aprt-Pay credit card balance (!!!)–Aurmid has never had a family or given her daughters one–there is only the Empire. Revisions of One Hundred Days are going very well after this most recent Staycation, and as I’m thinking more about the story I keep encountering new insights. But writer or not, most people have to-do lists, and if you have a to-do list, the odds are it’s near unmanageable. Back in...

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Blogging from the Writer’s Staycation

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Blogging from the Writer’s Staycation

After my work with Zahara proved so rewarding last semester, I’ve continued as her assistant over this summer. This means I’ve been able to attend not only one but two Staycations–and this time as an apprentice Fellow, which means this Friday I’ll be an opening and lunchtime speaker. It also means that, with four weekdays dedicated to my own projects, I finally have time to ressurect some of the old draft posts for this blog. So what is the Staycation, exactly?...

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What does it say about me…

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…that the instant Rusty the Red Panda disappeared from the National Zoo, my sister and I receive multiple emails to the effect of “Did you really!?” Just because we were in Washington, D.C. at the time. And an admitted affection for red pandas. Well, did we really?

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List: Everything That Can Go Wrong (a Mix-n-Match Adventure)

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Storytelling is problem solving–to have a plot, you need a problem for your characters to confront. Then the plot needs a reason behind it, and you have to make clear what’s at stake if the problem isn’t solved, while having some idea how your characters are going to solve it. Over the weekend I started brainstorming problems-stakes-causes-and-solutions with a particular series in mind (another one!? Yes, another one). But as I went on I realized this list might serve as a...

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“An Honorable Aunt” at Silver Blade

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Silver Blade Issue #18 is live, and includes my fantasy story “An Honorable Aunt”. This was one of those stories it was fun to write simply because I was getting inside the heads of people who view the world so differently from me, that it was a stretch of intellectual–and perhaps empathetic–muscle to show their thoughts and feelings. I think once you read the story it’ll be obvious what I mean, but I will say, just about every character in the story did something...

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Print Books that are *Good* for the Planet

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Being surrounded by the printed word (and intending to remain so my entire life–much as I enjoy ebooks, I like to keep paper copies for backup), I remain acutely conscious that it’s called “dead tree”s for a reason. Also, ever since my trip to Ghana I’ve had a horror of plastic. It’s bad enough seeing litter at the side of the road in the US, but I saw bags and discarded packaging piling up in places I never would have expected–water canals, forest,...

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Dancing to Replace PowerPoint: A Modest Proposal

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I confess it, I’m a TED Talk fan–the videos are short enough to appeal to my attention span, interesting enough to make me feel smart of watching them, and free–and this is now one of my favorites. If you also enjoy modest proposals, the Onion Talks are excellent,...

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