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Spring Break

Posted by on Mar 12, 2013 in Blog Posts, Uncategorized | 0 comments

I’ve returned home to Wisconsin for one last visit with my family and to get ready for the trip to Ghana!
My mother and I spent yesterday running errands and picking up supplies. The above isn’t everything we’ve got, but it’s a good start. I’m especially pleased with the knee-length, flowing & cool, olive-colored skirt. It’s modest for any events and speakers we’ll be visiting in more conservative communities, but also rather pretty and it feels very nice! Of course, it’ll be matched with a pair of old sneakers, as sandals are not a wise choice of footwear when traveling over rough terrain inhabited by the occasional venomous snake. 
Not shown: the copy of Les Miserables I walked down to Politics & Prose to buy on Saturday, in preparation for airplane reading. When I arrived in Milwaukee Sunday, my sister greeted me…with a copy of Les Miserables she’d bought at Renaissance Books. They’re 2 different translations, but in the meantime we’ll both be able to enjoy an unabridged copy. A few years ago she was really disappointed by an abridged version that cut out her favorite bits, so I thought I’d have to be a generous sister and loan her the copy I bought, but happily that won’t be the case. There’s enough of Victor Hugo’s words to go around (collectively something like 2400 pages). 

The Doctor and I want to make sure my family makes good food choices, although my sister was very sad to hear Orange Roughy is on the ‘red list’ of fish that are harvested unsustainably. At least a cute face broke the news to her? 
My class flies out from JFK to Accra a week from tomorrow! 

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