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If you look to the right of this post, you can now see a link to my Publications List, probably the single most useful page on this blog. It offers links to my stories, roughly organized by length and genre and also by series. There are currently 3 of the latter in progress:

A Dark and Wonderful History: Stories of Women and Monsters, is a sort of parallel history in a secondary world that has a share of similarities to our own. Also its share of differences. Gods, ghosts, the shapeshifting and blood-drinking Dihneen, sacred and magical trees, and doors that open to unimaginable places appear in these stories, all encountered–and sometimes, if only for a short time, controlled–by women.

The Curse-Strewn World is a planned series of at least five short stories and one novelette. Currently the first story–not the first chronologically, but written as a bit of an introduction–is available in Beneath Ceaseless Skies’ 110th issue. “The Storms in Arisbat” was originally written as a sort of personal exorcism. I hoped if I could get down at least one story featuring these characters and their journey, which kept haunting me, I could move on with other projects (of which, like many writers, I always have too many). Well, I did complete the story, and some readers and reviewers enjoyed it–they enjoyed it so much that, like Lois Tilton in her Locus Online review, they wondered if there were more stories to come. The answer is: Yes. Yes, there are.

Heart’s Kindred, featuring the swordsman Rathin and the wizard Anweth, I’ve written to be a purely enjoyable adventure series. As more stories are completed, they’ll continue to build up the world where the wandering couple lives–a world which is linked, in fact, to several other stories I’ve written (read Of the Generation, based in the same setting, and you’ll discover at least one custom, or perhaps a sort of spiritual or lifestyle practice, that also appears in Aqua Vitae). These links are far from unusual, and even my unsorted science fiction and fantasy stories may share references with each other. There’s a scavenger hunt, or perhaps a bingo board or a drinking game, in there somewhere.

It’s also for reason of shared setting that I’ve grouped the stories taking place in and around the Xeocin empire, though they are not by any means a series. The world-spanning empire’s capital city of Xeocib is the locale of the novel I’m currently writing (reviews of The Halcyon in Flight especially have stated that there seems to be more background to the story than is shown, and probably further stories as well. They’re right). While these short stories will not by any means be necessary to understanding the novel’s plot or characterization, I think every single one of them has been referenced in the current draft of the manuscript.

As I created this Listing, I discovered a lot of ‘dead links’ and the reality of several stories which are no longer available online, in print, or in either medium. One of my next orders of business is looking for reprint markets so that some of these stories can enjoy the light of day again–and most importantly, so readers can find and enjoy them!

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